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Bank Mitraniaga is a National Private Commercial Bank established in 1989 by deed number 85 dated July 5, 1989 from Notary Benny Kristanto, SH with approval in principles from the Department of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No.S76 / MK.13 / 1989. This Articles of Association had been approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia under Decree No. C2-6826 HT.01.01 Th. 1989 dated July 29, 1989.


Oversight of Bank Mitraniaga

Bank Mitraniaga ownership of shares has changed several times, the last condition was recorded in deed No. 21 of Notary Esther Setiawati Santosa, SH on May 24, 2004. In capital increase, during 2007 through 2010, Bank Mitraniaga has gradually made additional capital by a total of Rp.108.400.000.000, - (One Hundred Eight Billion Four Hundred Million Rupiah) .
As for the most recent capital increase was recorded in a notary deed No. 37 of Notary Esther Setiawati Santosa, S.H. on January 25, 2012 to become Rp 118.400.000.000,- (One Hundred Eighteen Billion Four Hundred Million Rupiah).


On July 9, 2013, Bank Mitraniaga had registered its shares in the Indonesia Stock Exchange as many as 445.000.000 shares at the initial price of Rp.180 per share. From IPO earnings, Bank Mitraniaga received additional capital of Rp. 80.1 Billion. After deducted by IPO costs, additional capital becomes Rp.77.085.637.173 (currently in the process of approval by Bank Indonesia). Consistency on the commitment to keep improving and providing the best service by referring to precautionary principles has been continuing. Supported by well educated human resources, thus Bank Mitraniaga is expected to keep growing and developing, without scarifying its service quality to customers through improvement of human resources. In addition to anticipate the development of business environment and changing needs of community on financial services, Bank shall keep perfecting the service system and mechanism by professional and high integrity management.


Until the end of 2011, Bank Mitraniaga has already owned 12 (twelve) office networks which are spread out in Jakarta and Surabaya that are ready to serve its customers in the best services, consisting of 1 (one) Operational Headquarters, 1 (one) Branch Office, 7 (seven) Sub Branch Office, and 3 (three) Cash Office. In the near future addition on number of office networks in the area around Jakarta and outside of Jakarta will soon be implemented in order to strengthen the bank's business activities.


 Our Expert Team


M. Nurcahyono

President Director


Paberd Leonard Hutagaol

Operational Director

Alexander F. Rori

Compliace Director

Willy Yonathan

President Commissioners

Gaguk Hartadi

Independent Commissioners


Independent Commissioners

Rencana Strategis Bank

Generally PT Bank Mitraniaga, Tbk will undertake strategic steps to strengthen the resilience of banks, improve competitiveness, and performance of Bank Mitraniaga in the future

 01Supporting and complying with government regulations

02Applyng Good Corporate Governance in Bank operations

03Developing and releasing new products and activities and activities in an effort to increase the DPK and fee base income

04Keeping NPL at a rate below 5%, by applying the precautionary principle in credit distribution / lending

05Collaborating with agencies / companies in order to facilitate a safe funds investment

06Developing and releasing new products and activities in an effort to increase DPK and fee base income

07Consistent to abide by and implement the regulations issued by Bank Indonesia, both on capital, risk management, GCG, credit, and so forth







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