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Customer Complaints Mechanism

pengaduan nasabah 2       In conducting business activities of banking services, sometimes the bank is not always able to meet customer expectations.

       When this happens, it may lead to dissatisfaction and complaints of the Customer. The complaint can be lodged to the bank

       and the bank will strive to provide the best solution.


       How to submit complaints to the Bank:

       1.  Orally

                     a.  By phone, including Call Center (24 hour service) provided by the bank.

            b.  Come to the nearest bank branch

       2.  In writing

                     a.  Delivering an official letter addressed to the bank, by hand  delivered, sent by facsimile, or by post mail to the bank.

            b.  Via e-mail or bank website.

                     c.  A written complaint must be accompanied by a photocopy of identity card and other supporting documents such as:

                -   Proof of deposit or withdrawal

                -   Transfer slip

                -   Current Account, and or

                         -   Other documents related to transactions conducted or complaint to be delivered.

       3.  Customer Representative

            Where the complaint is filed by the Customer Representative, in addition to the above documents were also submitted other documents, i.e.:

                     -   Copy of identity card of the Customer and Customer Representative

                     -   Letter of Authorization from the Customer to Customer Representative stating that the Customer authorizes

                                                                     the representative to act for and on behalf of the Customer.


          If the Customer Representative is an institution or a legal entity then it must be accompanied by a document confirming the authority of the authorized person to

          represent the institution or legal entity.


          Complaints Acceptance by the Bank

          a.  Bank receives any complaint filed by the Customer and or Customer Representative either orally or in writing.

          b.  Bank provides an explanation of the policies and procedures for the settlement of the complaint at the time of the Customer or Customer Representative files a complaint.

          c.  Bank provides a receipt, if the complaint is filed in writing.

          d.  All offices of the Bank may receive Customer complaints.


          If the settlement of a complaint given by the Bank still not satisfies Customer?

    In the case of settlement of complaints related to financial losses not satisfy Customers then it can be   settled between the Customer and

    bank facilitated by Bank Indonesia through Banking Mediation.  


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