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Narcissism constitutes the entire personality. In the second section, online psychologist a case study demonstrates how drawings created by clients in Schema Therapy for eating disorders can provide a pathway to access emotional states, which may otherwise be inaccessible through verbal dialogue. Limited reparenting" is specifically designed to serve as an antidote to the patient's maladaptive schemas.

A larger number of studies examining the schema approach in other PD (in addition to BPD) are underway, including cluster C PD and antisocial PD. Furthermore, studies investigating other modalities and contexts of ST application, such as group and inpatient treatment, have broadened the research area and enabled the development of more specialized protocols tailored to specific populations.

A range of psychological interventions including cognitive behavioural therapies, psychodynamic approaches, integrative approaches, standard mental health services, and specialist services such as DBT and MBT were offered; treatment characteristics identified as helpful include setting boundaries and focusing on change such as problem-solving 23 , 30 In the current study, patients' narratives of ST affording greater focus on internal processes; i.e. making sense of the origins behind one's thoughts and feelings, with more consideration of the uniqueness of one's background indicate the differential areas of focus between ST and other treatments (e.g. retrieving and healing aspects of one's past experiences).

ST has proven to be an efficacious and cost effective treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) ( Giesen-Bloo et al., 2006 ; van Asselt et al., 2008 ; Farrell et al., 2009 ; Nadort et al., 2009 ; Masley et al., 2011 ). A multicenter randomized controlled trial (RCT; Giesen-Bloo et al., 2006 ) with 86 patients compared ST to Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) over a 3 year period (with a follow-up 1 year later).

Certain techniques may work better for some people and schemas than others. Empathetic confrontation is used to confront patients with dysfunctional situation selection that repeats history and by this maintains schemas (e.g., dysfunctional partner choice).




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